A New Era for 
Gene Regulation

Who We Are

Our company is based on the science of our founder, Stanley Qi, one of the original CRISPR co-inventors who then furthered the technology so that DNA does not need to be cut to accomplish gene regulation. Instead, we regulate the epigenome to suppress and activate multiple genes simultaneously. We are further evolving the platform and leveraging its strengths to address unmet medical needs. We are well funded and still in stealth mode with plans to emerge early next year.

What We Do

Using our proprietary technology pipeline Epic Bio is changing the way we think about disease. With our innovative pedigree, multiple technology platforms, and incomparable ambition we aim to redefine the field of therapeutics.

Why We Do It

The force behind our unique culture is a relentless focus on ushering in a new era for gene regulation. We believe in advancing the future of health through science.

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